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Happy Family

See what parents just like you are saying!

“Our 16 month old daughter was waking several times between 12am and 7am every single night. Sometimes, we would end up rocking her for up to four hours to get her to go back to sleep. We were completely exhausted.


We reached out to Sara for help. After answering some questions about our daughter’s daily routine, Sara provided us with a very detailed explanation of possible causes and solutions to our little one’s sleep troubles. One of the solutions was the Controlled Crying method, which is what we ultimately chose to try.


After the third night utilizing Sara’s customized sleep training advice, our daughter started to sleep through the night and has been doing so ever since. Everyone is getting much needed sleep and our daughter seems happier during the day thanks to a good night’s rest.


-Kathryn & James

"We would like to sincerely thank Sara for guiding us through one of the first big challenges we faced as new parents. Our little newborn was colicky and nursed briefly, but frequently, around the clock with lots of cuddles. Unfortunately, this meant we got off to a rocky start with sleep routine and soon found ourselves in a never-ending 45 minute sleep-wake cycle. I began to dread nighttime and I worried that my son's health and development was suffering as a result of his lack of sleep. 


I was hesitant about getting a sleep consultant initially because of out-dated information I had heard. I saw Sara was offering consulting services I knew she would be a great fit for us. Her wealth of paediatric knowledge and easy-going demeanour was the perfect fit for helping us feel more confident and at ease with the process of changing our habits. After a few simple tweaks around bedtiming and routine, we started to notice improvements in our baby's sleep. After a little more work and some gentle transitions, our little one was sleeping so much better, allowing him to be happier and more engaged during the day. 


In the uncertain times of sleep-deprived new parenting Sara was a lifeline. We are incredibly grateful (and well rested)."

- Caitlin & Taso

"My husband and I consulted Sara after many months of sleep deprivation, we were waking up 8 times a night and right before we consulted her we even moved a mattress into our sons room to just sleep there...we thought our situation was hopeless.


I as a mom could not do extinction or cry it out and so I thought we were doomed. However Sara worked with us to create a plan which we were all comfortable with. The first night was rough however she was there for support the entire time! And after the first night our 1yr old boy was down to only 1 wake up in the night!


My husband and I were able to return to our own bedroom and eventually phase out that 1 wakeup. We highly recommend Sara! She literally saved our sanity. Thank you!!"  


- Katarzyna

"Sara is absolutely amazing to work with! I had a 14 month old when we started working together who would wake every hour, every night, and had a nurse to sleep association. Within a week Aria was on her own schedule and sleeping 12 hours through the night. 


Sara talked me through my anxiety, answered my texts at all hours of the day and night, and answered every question or concern I had.


We are now at 17 months and our sleep plan is still going strong! I would highly recommend Sara to anyone! Thanks Sara!"


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