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Frequently Asked Questions

I've purchased a sleep package; now what?

Upon purchase of a sleep package, you will receive an email containing a welcome letter and intake form. The intake form consists of a variety of questions regarding your child's current sleep habits. After I've received the completed intake form I will prepare your child's personalized sleep assessment (typically within 3 business days) and we will schedule the consultation at a mutually agreed upon time. You will have the completed sleep assessment before our consultation so you can review it and make note of any questions that arise.


What is included in my child's sleep assessment?

In your child's personalized sleep assessment we will address the Sleep Essentials: sleep environment, nutrition, routine development and nap timing. The second part of the sleep assessment will outline the sleep training method with detailed instructions.


How long does sleep training take?

This depends on a variety of factors including: age of your child, what your sleep goals are for your child, what your child's current sleep situation is, and how gradually we choose to make changes. It can take 1-3 weeks depending on these factors but we do see improvements throughout the weeks and we start seeing them within the first 3 nights.

How can we minimize stress and crying?

One of the most important parts of your sleep assessment will be the Sleep Essentials: sleep environment/naps/ routine/nutrition and feeding. These are the foundations of healthy childhood sleep and they must be assessed before we even think about trying to teach independent sleep. Having these four Sleep Essentials in place immediately sets the stage for sleep and makes sleep easier to achieve. The other way we ensure that we minimize stress and crying is by choosing a sleep coaching method that is suited to the child's temperament. Lastly I carefully consider your child's current sleep habits and recommend prep work prior to starting sleep training to make the transition to independent sleep as smooth as possible.


Which methods of sleep training do you use?

I actually use all methods of sleep training!  I make this decision with the parents after considering parenting philosophy/the temperament of the child/the child's age/the child's current sleep habits and other factors.

I am experienced with all sleep training methods including gentle sleep training and I believe each method has positive applications in certain times and places.

How much follow up support do I get once beginning the sleep plan?

I provide two weeks of follow up support starting from the first night you begin. Please see the details under the Sleep Packages page for further information on follow up support.


Do you work with children who have medical conditions or developmental delays?

Yes as long as we have clearance from your child's pediatrician.

Can I use the same sleep plan for my other children?

The sleep assessments I create are completely customized to your child and based on their current sleep associations, age, development, nutritional requirements and other specific factors. While there is great information on sleep hygiene and general sleep principals which are applicable to all children, your sleep assessment is only suited for the child for whom it was prepared. A sleep assessment for a 16 month old is vastly different than a sleep assessment for a 4 month old.


What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Please contact me as cancellation and refunds are dealt with case by case. Once your sleep assessment has been sent to you only a partial refund can be issued.

Will this really work?

I get asked this very frequently and the answer is YES! It does take dedication and consistency plus a commitment to change. I strive to make your sleep plan something you view as do-able so that you're able to consistently and confidently implement your child's sleep plan. I also ensure your sleep goals for your child are age-appropriate and achievable.


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