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Sleep! One of the most talked about subjects among parents. Who knew that something seemingly so natural could end up being such a struggle? There are two pieces of good news I have for you: 1) you are not alone! Many families share your situation and 2) any baby can learn to sleep.


Your baby or child is not a "bad" sleeper, rather they haven't yet learned the skill of independent sleep. Yes, independent sleep is a skill that is learned over time! Some children come by this easier than others even among siblings. Learning the art of independent sleep is something that comes with normal childhood development. There is no right or wrong timeline for this to happen; it depends on the child and on the family. However when your current sleeping situation is no longer serving your family it's time to make a change and I'm here to help.

Meet Sara

 My name is Sara and I'm a Mama, a pediatric Registered Nurse and a certified infant and child sleep consultant. I hold bachelors degrees in both biology and nursing from the University of Saskatchewan. I love guiding families in their journey toward finding sleep solutions for their littles because the results are truly magical. When children are well rested their true personalities can shine. Parents can reclaim their evenings and spend time together again. The whole family benefits.


 What I hope families will gain from working with me is a sense of confidence and empowerment; confidence in knowing how to best support their child during this learning process and empowerment going forward to handle any sleep disruptions that may arise. After all, I am the expert in childhood sleep but you are the expert regarding your child!


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